How Can You Create an Open Innovation Mindset?

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No company today, no matter how big or how prestige, can innovate effectively on its own.

Successful companies do not only rely on their own internal knowledge and resources for innovation but also use external sources to generate new ideas through collaboration with customers, partners, competitors, universities, or start-ups.

In a world of abundant knowledge, not all smart people work for you. To stay innovative and maintain your competitive advantage, you must find a way to tap into the knowledge and expertise outside your own organisation. Organising one hackathon per year might not be enough. It is much more than this: There needs to be a planned process and structure in place that manages the purposive inflow and outflow of knowledge to accelerate innovation.

This also involves collaboration with partners and networks to share the risk and reward of developing new ideas. In fact, as a company you need to become nimble at open innovation — at accessing and exploiting outside knowledge while liberating your own internal expertise for others’ use. Not only you can benefit from ideas you harvest from outside, you can also profit from sharing your own ideas with others.

However, psychological barriers and fears cause employees to not even exchange knowledge with their colleagues within the organization across different teams, departments or subsidiaries. The biggest barrier to open innovation is the lack of an open collaborative culture and an Open Innovation Mindset among the employees.

… but what exactly is an Open Innovation Mindset?

An individual’s values, attitudes, and beliefs that capture an individual’s openness towards KSS (knowledge sourcing and sharing) inside and outside the organizational boundaries.

We understand that this may seem scary in the first place. Such a long time the notion dominated that the only good idea comes from within, that “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself”. And now suddenly you are supposed to open up and innovate together. Therefore, it is even more important to define a clear strategy, to involve your employees and to enable them to develop an open attitude towards knowledge exchange. This is exactly what we would like to support you with.


Enabling an Open Innovation Mindset

True to the saying “only what is measured can be improved”, we found a way to quantify an Open Innovation Mindset and measure the development over time as well as track employees’ knowledge exchange in real time. Responding to the increasing demand for digital solutions to assess soft skills, we provide an Open Innovation Mindset Evaluation tool that complements our consulting services. With this holistic approach, we support companies in developing a long-lasting shared Open Innovation Mindset within and across organizations.


Enabling a Culture for Innovation

OMIND consulting helps companies tap into the power of open innovation. We leverage our expertise in human resource management (HRM) to build an open innovation culture tailored to your company. We developed an HRM strategy that incorporates the principles of open innovation to help you create breakthrough new products, services and business models that drive growth. We empower your employees through mindset coaching and leadership training to collaborate with smart people outside your own company. The HRM strategy custom-tailored to your needs incorporates a holistic HRM system and offers you practices and tools to get your employees ready for open innovation.

What are you looking to improve?

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  • Team Efficiency

  • Efficient knowledge exchange

  • Success of open innovation projects

  • Collaboration across interdisciplinary teams

  • Increased commitment, motivation and engagement

  • Collaboration and co-creation with external partners

Biggest Barriers to Open Innovation

Cultural and functional differences between teams

Negative attitudes towards open innovation

Missing reward system

Intellectual property protection

Missing infrastructure for collaboration

Do you want to overcome these barriers?

We provide you with the human-centered foundation you need to succeed with your open innovation projects.

  • A ready-to-implement strategy on how to create an open and collaborative culture

  • Scientifically validated and tested processes

  • Quantification of open innovation success (KPIs)

  • Tracking of knowledge exchange

  • Sophisticated analysis to understand the people’s fears, struggles, and barriers

  • Customized mindset training

  • Tailored leadership training

  • Digital solutions to establish reward systems and incentive schemes

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Would you like to build the right foundation for long-term open innovation success in your company?


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Trusted by like-minded people

What we particularly like about the OMIND consulting concept? It is designed for the long term. Instead of doing short-lived individual workshops, Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and her team offer a journey that is specifically tailored to the company and its people. The journey offers a holistic approach and addresses various points to establishing an enduring mindset change.

Bianca Paul

Communication Manager, Marantec.

With the goal of improving knowledge exchange within the team and with external partners, Dr. Engelsberger accompanied my team and me on a project for 3 months. The strategic consulting as well as the training and coaching were exactly tailored to our needs due to the intensive analysis of the current situation. Especially the individual interviews showed me personally how much you start to reflect yourself and your behavior when you are asked the right questions. 

Anna Liedtke

Senior 3D Fashion Designer, HUGO BOSS

What helped us most was that OMIND consulting clears up prejudices. Open innovation does not mean simply giving up one’s own competitive advantage. Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger explained very well that open innovation is about using external knowledge for the benefit of all. This also convinced our decision-makers.

Franziska Prillmann

Innovation Scout at LBBW

Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger not only gives wonderful lectures on Open Innovation and the benefits of this mindset for her own company. She also encouraged us in 1:1 coaching sessions to take the next steps based on our own mindset evaluation and her many years of experience. Her advice helped us a lot to further exploit our potential and to open up new horizons.

Elizabeth Engel

Head of UX & Innovation at Interfacewerk

Open Innovation is an essential building block for success in the future with new products on the market. Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and the OMIND consulting Team are the perfect partners for us to convey the right Open Innovation Mindset to our innovation teams. With her refreshing manner, Aurelia not only conveys the advantages of opening up to external idea providers in her trainings, but also gathers concerns and obstacles in team dialog in order to then present and openly discuss proposed solutions.

Thorsten Linde

Open Innovation Manager Germany, Faurecia Clean Mobility

Whether innovation becomes successful in companies depends on the people. OMIND consulting’s approach starts exactly there and helps to promote the innovation culture with the Open Innovation Mindset assessment and the real time knowledge exchange tracking. In this way, Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and her team pave the way for successful innovation. We at aumentoo are happy about the great cooperation and to be able to offer this important building block in our solution. 

Harald Ostler

CEO Aumentoo GmbH

We are very happy that Aurelia and OMIND consulting are an active part of our community since 2020.  Together we are convinced that only through collaboration and open innovation we can keep Small and Mediaum Sized Enterprises relevant and create a positive economic future in Europe. We are very proud of the joint transformation projects that have emerged from the community, such as with Marantec Group – where mindset change and people are at the core. 

Evgenis Kouris

Founder & Co-Pilot, New Mittelstand GmbH

Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger motivates and inspires our students in Management and Organization with her guest lectures on her two start-ups and on the topic of Open Innovation Mindset. She very innovatively combines her research with practice and enriches our teaching with exciting examples with high implementation competence. 

Dr. Isabell Osann

Professorship Substitute Management & Organization Innovative Teaching and Competence Transfer

Open Innovation does not work without people sharing their knowledge. Dr. Engelsberger and her team understand the individual problems and develop tailored solutions. The OMIND approach focuses on people and the question of motivation and reward. I believe that HR work needs to be transformed and new paths need to be taken together in order to remain innovative. OMIND consulting sets exactly the right course for open innovation processes! 

Katrin Sirach


We are very pleased to have found a reliable partner like OMIND consulting, with whom we can successfully exploit the synergies arising from our two business models. Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and her team live the values of openness, collaboration and knowledge sharing that OMIND stands for. The foundation of our collaboration is based on mutual trust and an open mindset.

Natalie Wischkowski

Channel Partner Manager, Sherpany