Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger
Dr. Aurelia EngelsbergerFounder

People and their roles in interacting with each other have fascinated me since my first day of work in this business world, and that ultimately led me to investigate and explore this interaction a little more in depth. From the bank counter, with personal face to face contact with customers, to human resources (B. Sc.), to my master’s degree in organizational psychology (M. Sc.), a variety of different characters and companions have supported and influenced me throughout that time for which I am incredibly grateful, because they have made me who I am today.

Talent may decide games, but the team decides championships and that’s why I have combined my two passions Open Innovation and Human Resource Management in my PhD. Both pillars are essential elements of an open innovation culture and crucial for innovations of all kinds.

Diversity, different cultures and standing up for and supporting each other are attributes and skills that not only lift you to the next level, but also all the people involved in the process. Sharing is Caring! I have experienced the same in my time as a lecturer and how it feels to help other people in their personal growth, which ultimately makes you grow personally and humanly at the same time.

From Me – To We – To Us: Knowledge is there to be shared, knowledge is there to be used and these are the key drivers for Open Innovation. However, it all starts with the right mindset to embrace it and being open to this process. The mission of OMIND consulting is to help companies to open innovation and collaboration and to empower employees to share knowledge across departments and organizations.

We manifest Mindset.