Tatjana Juskov
Tatjana JuskovCustomer Development & Head of Communications

I joined OMIND consulting because I am a strong advocate of a human-centered approach to business leadership. I genuinely believe that an organization is only as successful as the people who work there.

Through my studies in English and Russian culture and literature, I engaged in social and cultural issues and learned to look at the world from different perspectives and connect the dots.

As Head of Communications I manage our Social Media Channels and craft blog entries for our Open Innovation Blog. I am also part of the Customer Development team and love the one on one experience with our customers. It helps us to better understand the needs and problems of our clients and adjust our products and solutions accordingly.

Since we do not have fixed roles at OMIND, it gives me the freedom to also further develop in other areas. I’m passionate about exploring the impact of an open innovation culture within organizations on society in general. I’m convinced that the further we open up as human beings, be it within innovation or otherwise, the more tolerant and agile we become.

I’m excited to see how OMIND will contribute to more open, more collaborative work environments and leverage my skills to provide advice to companies that join us on our journey.